Monday, 3 March 2014


Hai! Welcome to the first entry of this unfinished decorated blog. This of course will be only temporary and as time passes by together with some sufficient amount of free time, I definitely will be added something here and there so that this blog will be nicer to look at. (Nothing fancy or complicated HTML nerd stuff, so please don't get your expectation high). 

This entry won't be long since I have already allocated like 30 minutes (puh-lis!) just to write this simple entry. So basically since I have already posted some kind of amateur-ish kind a teaser from my previous blog, I felt obliged to write something here or people will get pissed off and will start to rampant wildly in the comment box. Yes you lah, siapa lagi!

What can I say is that this my new home and I won't be longer post any more entries from previous blog. The content will remain the same just like the previous blog but some minor changes will be included in time to time. But I assured you that WZ is still the same person and he's not changing himself to some urban-ish elite socialist (yet) and starts blogging something weird and strange. 

So please people update you blog-list, change you bookmark, hit the follow button or anything. Just do it OR ELSE! See you later on with much more 'quality' content. 


  1. Yoroshiku!
    Keep on charging forward!!
    1st follower!
    1st comment!
    I'm good!

    1. ありがとう!
      Tahniah for becoming the first follower! =)

  2. Tukaq blog x habaq!


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