Friday, 10 November 2017

Sign of the Times

Hey guys! It's been a while. Taking a month break from writing anything in this blog without any advance notice is quite tame coming from me y'all! Apalah sangat sebulan kan menyepi? Aku dah pernah buat lagi lamaa lagi daripada tempoh waktu ni. Still ok saja kan? No one is getting hurt. No one cares really. Bitter tetiba.

Let's say something came up and effect my whole mood. I no longer interested to write anymore. Despite of me having tons of ideas to write dozen of blog posts I felt demotivated. I felt what's the point with writing anymore. This feeling, this shitty felling is normal for me I guess. It will come on and off suka hati dia saja. Kalau ada yang follow blog ni sejak 2014 lagi, mesti perasan my personal pattern ni.

1. Beriya update blog. Siap kata this comeback will change the content of this blog. 
2. Promising tons of contents and constant update (janji manis, tanam tebu)
3. Everything seems good... for a while
4. Starts to miss deadline.
5. Vanish for a month or two or even years.
6. Repeat the cycle

Lepas tu merungut kata kenapa tak ada readers? Hello.. keep your blog updated consistently first and then we can start talk about numbers. lol. Ni macam split personaliti pulak tiba-tiba gaduh dengan diri sendiri dalam ni.

And I wish I could say this. "Hey guys! Guess what? Despite of me not actively writing post last month, I've secretly have completed a side project called 'XXX' and I will publish it soon. Yay!"
But guess what? I've done nothing. What a bummer. Life has become cruel lately and I'm not blaming life for it. It's solely because of me. Listening to Amy's Back to Black seems more appropriate now. ☺

This started to become a ranting post pulak kan? Sedar tak sedar panjang pula taipnya. And I've noticed if I am ranting in a super saiyan mode I will write in English more. Like wth? English will not turn your ranting stuff into some sophisticated high quality content. PLUS your English is not even that good. <<< Split personality lagi. Oh, jangan salah faham. I'm not writing this post to beg for supportive comments, motivation etc. It's more like a reminder to myself that I need to fix my shit up and not live in some delusional fantasy bubble anymore. Or maybe I'll stuck there and then gone forever. We never know~! *mengilai*. Wtf with me? Hahaha. Cerita pasal something lepas tu sidetrack cerita something yang dark and gloomy pula. 

The point is... I'll try to figure out what contents that I want to write after this because some of previous blog posts felt kinda 'off' or 'forced'. I need to fix this first. Then I'll write something up. Maybe about my cats? or my experience being a farmer in Stardew Valley or maybe nothing at all and vanish for another 3 months the write something similar like this post again but with GIFs! lol. You can start your betting now!

So see you soon?
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