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E.MO.TION After A Year

I could not imagine that one day that I will listen to Carly Rae Jepsen religiously or even to the extend starting to embrace and appreciate the '80s music scene with her help. Like who is she? I mean besides 'Call Me Maybe', that one overrated pop infectious song that marked and paved her way into the commercial success, what else could she offer? She will be forgotten for sure in next few months. If not by the public then it is by me.

I was WRONG. When E.MO.TION came out and blessing these mortal ears I could not imagine the alternate future where she was instead being forgotten by the public but not from me. The plot twist!

Like Lana Del Rey 'Born To Die' and Tove Lo 'Queen of The Clouds', Carly's E.MO.TION is becoming that one album that I keep listening on repeat in such a long period of time. Surprisingly, this album felt close to the heart, which can be quite weird since most of the tracks consist some themes that I have never or will ever experience in my real life. But somehow it managed to stir up my emotion (reference) and feelings.

Last August marked one year anniversary of E.MO.TION. Meaning that it was already one year of me still enjoy listening to it. While most of her songs in E.MO.TION did not manage to topple that overrated 'Call Me Maybe' in terms of chart position (#Justice4Jepsen), that doesn't mean that these songs are not worthy enough for our listening. Most of it if not all tracks, dare I say, are better than 'Call Me Maybe'. 

What else can be more thrilling when Carly, herself announcing that there will be a Side B album commemorating one year anniversary of E.MO.TION consisting songs that were cut shamelessly from it. You don't simply say no to more E.MO.TION stuff? I could live for SIDE C, SIDE D or heck even if there were a compilation of E.MO.TION From A to Z, I will buy them all! While waiting for me to indulge Side B in a full capacity, how about me, yes, myself reviewing each track from E.MO.TION personally.

1. Run Away With Me

That saxophone alone!! What an intro to grab our human short-span attention. It's like a warning, instead of usual pop siren trend but we get classy sound from a sax instead, before Carly giving out her shameless shout-out to a lover;

"You are mine, I am yours. Screw the world. We are meant to be together." 

This is like a theme song for a 'busy' lovebird out there that are going through work during the weekdays and only can meet during the weekends. A song that cherish the short time together, It's only about us not them. Who cares about other people? We are enjoying our limited time together. In our own small world. Sick of the hectic world? Sick of the party? How about "Run away with me! Run away with me!", shouts Carly.

2. Emotion

This one is catchy for sure. An unapologetic song showing no mercy to your ex(es), that the decision of dumping you in the first place was actually a stupid move and they will regret it. 

"Be tormented by me, babe. Wonder, wonder how I do? How's the weather.  Am I better? Better now that there's no you."

Kuss semangat you better feel menyesal right now. This is a like a happy song while 'mencerca' seseorang. And my favourite part is in the bridge. 

"What if I turn the lights right down? I feel it. What if I turn the lights right down? You feel it."

This part is intense yet sultry, giving out some vibes that we might be together again but BAM! as soon as this section is over, the song continues to 'cerca' that person right back! Talk about being 

3. I Really Like You

My least favourite song from this album. This is like a Call Me Maybe 2.0 and I understand why Carly trying to reincarnate it back in another song. Another massive hit will be needed somehow in order to convince the record label that she can do another hit with the mass public. And somehow Tom Hanks cameo in the music video did not help much either. Although it is not that bad per se. It's catchy but sounds alright. 

4. Gimmie Love

This time around it is our time to be tormented. Cerca memacam sedangkan dalam hati merana sebenarnya kan? 

"Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love, gimme love, gimme please!'

The chants really show the desperation, the longing feeling. How we want to be loved and touched. How is it possible? Is it too much to ask?, asks Carly in one part. This song is quite contradict with 'Emotion' on how there's this part of us that wanted to rekindle back with someone and hoping for a better turnout.

5. All That

The only slow song in this album. Perhaps the rawest and personal to me sampai jadikan ringtone at one time. It's about how you willing to do anything for someone. At one point when that someone has already 'friendzoned' you but you still wanted to be at his/her side. If not as a lover but as a friend pun jadilah. The feeling feels too surreal even after you being friendzoned by him/her, you still make this 'muka tebal' and hoping for a slightest chance to be together. Unrequited love much?

If you hear closely at the end of the song you will hear some sort of 'dripping water'. A symbol for me, waiting in agony. SAVAGE I TELL YOU. SAVAGE.

6. Boy Problems

Not so amazing MV but still a good song to joget to. CAN THE 'NA NA NA NA NA' PART GO AWAY FROM MY HEAD please? And with Sia starting the song with a rude awakening phone conversation to you, this is just going to be a hella good tune to listen too. I mean bitch, if you wanna go then go.

7. Making The Most of The Night

There is always going to be this rush or urgency feeling every time when I listen to this song. Like I'm-Not-Going-To-Waste-Time-Anymore-Let-Me-Hug-You-BEBEH!. And then I realized that okay my feeling is not wrong at all because lyrically this song is about how we wanted to help someone that we love as fast as we can when they are having hard time.

"Baby, I'm speeding and red lights I'll run. What I got, you need it and I'll run to your side when your heart is bleeding"

The up-tempo beats surely helps in proving this lyric in a legit way.

8. Your Type

Again another unrequited love type of song and I'm not complaining. #TeamBertepukSebelahTangan
While the lyrics can be depressing, this is a song that I could dance helplessly at the dance floor after being dumped for the umptieth time. 

9. Let's Get Lost

The sax in bridge is just puuuuure ecstasy and with Carly cooing the words 'Let's get lost. You wanna get lost?' repeatedly really setting up the flirty mood.

Come on how you can't fall in love with me? I'm so adventurous liddat. - WZ, 2016

10. LA Hallucinations

The only song in this album that I'm not quite into. I'm sorry Carly. It's about this famous lifestyle and with you being follow by the paparazzi and whatnot. And how Carly wanted her friends to shake her off from all this glamour hallucinations and be herself back. I really can't identified myself with this song. I'm just a normal with less than 10 followers on Instagram. So... yeah. But it's catchy for sure.

11. Warm Blood

This song is definitely falls under category whether you either going to like it or not. Because it is a strange experimental sounded song with a weird given title. I like it in a sense where you could feel a tingling mood of mysterious vibe surrounded yourself. And no, this is not about vampires.

12. When I Needed You

That high pitched 'hey!!!' is soo infectious that sometimes I do it unexpectedly while doing some mundane works. The lyric is dark but the beats are happy af. Somehow this is the type of song that I would called as 'Bipolar Tune'. Dark message but accompanied by happy beat or vice versa.


You know what?! There are some bonus tracks in this album that I'm equally in love as same the main tracks. It will be a sin if I not mentioned it here.

  • 'Black Heart' is okay
  • 'I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance' is definitely the disco song that I want if Carly decided to release next album the '70s era.
  • Favourite Colour is officially my engagement song. Full stop.

You may listen the full album below on Spotify.


In the Japanese Edition of E.MO.TION, Carly decided to give another two extra songs. Why? That is what you get when people appreciating your stuff and Japanese is doing it correctly. Again both songs are good.

  • 'Never Get To Hold' is such a calm and sad song you will feel really bad after listening to it. Especially if you are driving alone in a car.
  • 'Love Again' aka a positive song dedicated to someone that is giving up for love after having a nasty break-up. Don't be afraid to be in love again and you might find the one. AND IF THIS SOMEONE IS YOUR CRUSH, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE BITCH!! 

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