Monday, 7 November 2016

Random Rants #3

#1 Pada 17 November nanti, "Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them" (FBWTFT fuh!) akan ditayangkan di Malaysia and I'm soo pumped up for this movie. We finally can dwell back into Harry Potter Universe after like what? 5 years after Deathly Hallow Part 2. We need more magic related stuff in this cruel world!! #tetiba

On top of that J.K Rowling herself stated that FBWTFT is going to have 5 more future movies macam halamak we won't see Newt Scamander only once! The next sequel will be released on 2018 btw. But let's hope that the first one is going to be superb and excel my (high) expectation ay? BETTER RELEASE AND SHOW US THAT FANTASTIC WEIRD AWESOME BEASTS FIRST!

Oh ya, to commemorate this movie I'll be reading the book itself and will write some sort of short discussion about it. I know that the book actually tak ada kena mengena pun dengan movie ni dia macam sort of a thin textbook listing dozens of beasts discovered by Newt Scamander. But for the sake of hyping things up let's read this book together and bebel about it later before the movie is release? Kut-kut lah nanti some of the beast came out in the movie lepas tu kita boleh jadi macam Hermione Granger di dalam cinema. lol.

#2 Meanwhile on 18th November pulak FINALLY Pokemon Sun & Moon will be released in full glory. Macam fuyoo busy schedule aku minggu tu. Back to back. Pokemon S&M (sounds wrong in all level) is one of the game that I've been waiting like ages macam kalau ada kucing dah tumbuh tanduk sebab tunggu lama sangat. Aku dah try main demo dia dan aku juga dah decide versi mana aku nak beli. I'll will rant all about of these on my next entry.

#3 I have some side projects that I aim to publish on this blog sometimes later at the end of this year or maybe early next year. And yes, let's hope it's not ended in draft unpublished for months. Jangan pulak lupa pasal Series #JPN yang macam tergendala sekejap tu. lol. Siri tersebut akan disambungkan jangan risau anak-anak. I'm trying my best to finish it at least for 1 season (acah macm dokumentari untuk HBO) walaupun rating rendah ya ampun!

#4 I will set up all my social networking back especially Instagram so that kalau ada entry baru supaya tidak lah ada yang ketinggalan lepas tu mengeluarkan kata-kata nista bila nak update blog padahal dah berapa banyak entry baru dah publish. Korang je yang tak sedar. But is it necessary? Should I make it? Or maybe I should wait like bilangan followers blog mencecah 15 orang buat? Sendu gila. Haha. 

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