Friday, 17 February 2017

Nintendo Switch And My Broken Heart

Let me get this straight to the point. I want a Nintendo Switch.

For the last past months, technically last year when Nintendo officially declared that the next gen of their game console will be called as Nintendo Switch, I knew that I need this thing in my life. But first thing first, some introduction. My first game device is Nintendo New 3DS XL (Let's called it as N3DS shall we. We are not going to waste either you or my time by typing that lengthy name) which was purchased by using my own hard work money back in 2014.

My first game console was neither PS2 nor Gameboy Colour like most common kids. My childhood was filled with me standing at the corner (alone) while watching people playing this thing on TV. I could not even dare to ask my father to buy this thing because it was waay too expensive. But fortunately he did indulge me with more practical toys. 

But I knew deep down in my heart when I saw a group of (untalented) people playing Mario on PS1 at the burger stall during Pasar Malam, that I was born as a gamer. Fast forward to almost 2 decades, I finally managed to have my own game device. Unfortunately, my dream game console would be something that can be played on TV. That is either PS4 or XBox. For your information, N3DS is a handheld game console and the main reason I bought it in the first place was because it is cheaper and it didn't need me to buy another additional stuff to play a game such as a TV.

Don't get me wrong, I love my N3DS. I highly recommended you guys to buy it. The game library is huuuuge and filled with amazing game titles to be chosen from. (If only I manage to play another game by moving on with Animal Crossing. It's been like what? 2 years? Help!). You will not regret yourself by buying it.

On January 2017 finally Nintendo decided to shed some light by sharing more information. Apparently it is a hybrid game console which you can play either by using a TV or play it as a handheld mode while on the go. DAMN IT! Basically now I can play game with beautiful visual which is far more superior than the visual on N3DS (Sorry. But I still love you) while at the same I can wait for my next year bonus to buy a TV. This is fantastic.

Just watch these video to feel and grasp the awesomeness of this device.

While waiting for 3rd March to arrived and blessing our world, I have calculated and create some budget plans. With a device that cost USD299 should not be a problem right. I can eat less, stay at home, fasting on Monday, avoiding any social events that cost money and if we translated it into our currency it should be around RM1,500 right? or at least max to RM1,700 right, right?


A few days ago some of the main game retailers here in Malaysia finally revealed the price.


Mind you that we can't buy the console alone but only together with 2 games hence the insane price. 

My heart shatters like glass. I'm sad. I can't play Zelda anymore. I can't imagine myself holding those colourful, vibrant joy-con anymore and dance my ass out to Dance Revolution 2017. At that price like that I can buy a freaking PS4 Pro which is waaay powerful compared to Nintendo Switch. But the Zelda game alone is just enough reason for me to buy this thing.

Just like Lady Gaga new song "Million Reasons"

Me: I've got a hundred million reasons to walk awaaaaay~~! But baby, I just need one good one to stay.
Switch: Legend of Zelda
Me: Ok.

But still, why are they doing this to me? Why everything must be expensive when it comes to region like South East Asia. Why Nintendo didn't want to have official distributors here? Why we must go through to some third party agent? WHY?

I guess I will wait maybe until next year for a price drop. And that time there will be variety games available. *sedapkan hati* Now back playing with Animal Crossing.

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